December 4, 2023

COVID CHRISTMAS~ Celebrate Christmas, Covid-Style

Covid Christmas~ Alone, not Lonely

Alone at Christmas, Canva

I’m digging deep right now, with a little bit of reality about our Covid Christmas, then I’ll focus on the future, and give you some tips for how to have a happy Covid Christmas, even if you have made the decision to celebrate your Covid Christmas alone or with only your household members.  Christmas is just over two weeks away and we have to make adjustments to our usual Christmas traditions.


I read this in a Today’s Parent article.  Ahmed Al-Jaishi, an epidemiologist in London, Ontario, says “In theory, if everyone isolated for the 10-14 day period before gathering, this would be a safe strategy.  However, I find it unlikely that everyone will follow a strict isolation period.  If one person breaks quarantine during the two week period, everyone involved is at risk.”

On Twitter, Jennifer Kwan, @jkwan_md, family physician in Burlington explains that someone could be exposed to covid-19 in early December, develop very mild symptoms 4-5 days later, and still be infectious 10-20 days after that-meaning they could still infect someone over Christmas, even if they’ve just isolated at home for two weeks.”  Keep in mind, “the incubation perios for covid-19 is up to 14 days.”

So whether you decide to socialize in small family or friend “bubbles” or to stick to your own household only, there are ways to keep yourself busy, happy and not suffer from loneliness.


Suggestions for a Jolly Covid Christmas

Santa at computer, Canva

If you have young children, this is such a cool thing!  Hopefully you can still register as we inch closer to our Covid Christmas.  Sign up to enjoy a virtual visit with Santa at Santa’s Club. is all inclusive, so you can book with a Santa of color if you wish.  There is a fee of either $35, $50, or $70, but how cool would that be for your kids to have an online visit with Santa?

Santa of Color, Canva





Make a 2020 ornament.  While it’s not likely you’ll forget 2020, you might as well celebrate with a commemorative handmade ornament.

Friends ornament, Etsy


Have a virtual cocktail, virgin cocktail or hot chocolate party.  Dress up like you would if you were meeting in person, and have a great evening, or even just an hour with loved ones.

A virtual dinner may be a wee bit too much to tackle, so what about a Zoom, or Facetime toast, together?  Cheers, to persevering, distancing and doing the right thing, so that next year will be better!

If you’ve ever wanted to cook something different for Christmas dinner, but your family wouldn’t hear of it, now is your chance to try something new.

Have some Fun!

Play games.  Even if it’s just the two of you.  Old fashioned games like Monopoly or Twister are super fun.  My family’s new favourite game has become a tradition.  It’s called “Bowl of Fun” and OMG is it fun!  Even people who aren’t into games, can’t help but laugh so hard their sides hurt.  You can do it in age appropriate family friendly ways or as racy as you want.

How to play:  Grab a large bowl, a pen for each person (even if it’s just two) and paper, cut into small strips.  Everyone writes a single word (or name) on a piece of paper; name of a famous person, a city, a movie, an item, a type of food.  Fold each piece and put into the bowl.  Split the group into two teams.  There are three rounds and each round is similar.

Round One- The first player from team 1 picks a word from the bowl.  Set timer for 60 seconds.  Player describes it to teammates without saying the actual word.  If guessed correctly, grab another word and continue until your 60 seconds are up.  If the word is not guessed, it goes back into the bowl.  Then team 2 goes.  Keep going until all words are used/guessed.

Round Two- For this round, player picks a word from the bowl and gives a one word only description for teammates.  Then team 2 player goes.

Round Three- In this final round, the player picks a word from the bowl and must act it out without talking.  If you speak, you lose your turn!  Then a player from team 2 goes, and so on.  This round is where it gets really funny.

The Pickle Game- The Christmas pickle is a lesser-known Christmas tradition.  An ornament in the shape of a picke is hung (deep within the tree for older kids and adults) on a green Christmas tree.  It’s too obvious for a white tree!  The finder receives a small gift and the promise of good fortune for the following year.  You have not seen wild, until you’ve seen my family of adult children in a race to find the pickle.

Have an Active Christmas

If the weather cooperates during your covid Christmas celebration time, go tobogganing, tubing and ice skating.

Toboganning (where to go in London) Remember helmets for your little ones!

  •  Doidge Park, behind St. Joe’s Hospital
  • Northridge subdivision, behind St. Mark’s school
  • The hill that those of us born in the 60’s lovingly call “The Dump” (because it was once an actual city dump), south of the intersection at Adelaide and Commissioners, behind Tim Horton’s
  • Scenic View Park in Byron; parking off Ironwood.
  • The hill behind South London Community Centre and White Oaks Public School
  • Basil Grover Park at Wharncliffe and Commissioners is a good one for young children or those who don’t like long hikes back up the hill.  This one is a gentle slope.
  • Toboggan Hill in east London, just off Exmouth Circle


Boler Mountain has tubing, still open during covid, but with restrictions, and you must wear a mask.  Cost is $18-$23, depending on the day oyou go.  Book ahead at Boler Mountain

River Valley also has tubing, still open during covid, also following covid protocols, but check their website for restrictions, and wear a mask at all times, except if eating.  River Valley does not accept bookings; they are first come, first serve.  Cost is $29.99 for 2 hours, with early-bird and sunset specials.  Check their website for details.  River Valley.

Skating- For indoor skating, please check the website at

Outdoor- Social distancing rules still apply at outdoor rinks!  Be safe- wear your mask.

  • Victoria Park Free Skating, open from Saturday Dec. 5
  • Springbank Park Skate Trail, $3.00 per person, open from Saturday Dec. 5
  • Rotary Rink at Covent Garden Market, opening Saturday Dec. 12

Go for a walk with a hot chocolate in a travel mug and enjoy your neighbours’ pretty lights.

Image may contain: night and outdoorGo for a drive to see some fancy Christmas light shows, like this great one at 98 Village Gate Drive, in Dorchester.  The light show plays to music and it’s fabulous to watch!  Check it out @christmaslightsindorchester, or Christmas Lights in Dorchester.  Any donations made help to support the Dorchester Foodbank and their initiatives. Hours are Sunday-Thursday 5:30-10pm, Fridays & Saturdays 5:30-11pm

Buy or make matching Covid Christmas jammies for everyone in your household and get your family members to do the same, for your FaceTime, Zoom or Marco Polo visit.  Wear your jammies at the same time, even all day if you feel like it.

Lastly, practice gratitude.  This year has been really tough, devastating for some, but we must be thankful for the good things, the small things, and look to the future with hope.

London’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Chris Mackie, @Healthmac is asking the community to avoid social gathering and holiday events.

Quote from Dr. Eugene Gu, MD- “Be fearful enough to wear masks and stay 6 ft away.  Don’t become so fearful that you harm your mental health.  Find that healthy balance.”

Quote from my brother-in-law- “Your mask-less bubble is only as strong as the weakest link.”

To print off some cute cards like the one below, go to BoboTemp

Thanks for reading.  Come back Sunday afternoon for my next post.  Carol Paino~ Parts Of Ourselves


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