July 17, 2024

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COVID CHRISTMAS~ Celebrate Christmas, Covid-Style

Covid Christmas~ Alone, not Lonely

Alone at Christmas, Canva

I’m digging deep right now, with a little bit of reality about our Covid Christmas, then I’ll focus on the future, and give you some tips for how to have a happy Covid Christmas, even if you have made the decision to celebrate your Covid Christmas alone or with only your household members.  Christmas is just over two weeks away and we have to make adjustments to our usual Christmas traditions.


I read this in a Today’s Parent article.  Ahmed Al-Jaishi, an epidemiologist in London, Ontario, says “In theory, if everyone isolated for the 10-14 day period before gathering, this would be a safe strategy.  However, I find it unlikely that everyone will follow a strict isolation period.  If one person breaks quarantine during the two week period, everyone involved is at risk.”

On Twitter, Jennifer Kwan, @jkwan_md, family physician in Burlington explains that someone could be exposed to covid-19 in early December, develop very mild symptoms 4-5 days later, and still be infectious 10-20 days after that-meaning they could still infect someone over Christmas, even if they’ve just isolated at home for two weeks.”  Keep in mind, “the incubation perios for covid-19 is up to 14 days.”

So whether you decide to socialize in small family or friend “bubbles” or to stick to your own household only, there are ways to keep yourself busy, happy and not suffer from loneliness.


Suggestions for a Jolly Covid Christmas

Santa at computer, Canva

If you have young children, this is such a cool thing!  Hopefully you can still register as we inch closer to our Covid Christmas.  Sign up to enjoy a virtual visit with Santa at Santa’s Club.  Santasclub.com is all inclusive, so you can book with a Santa of color if you wish.  There is a fee of either $35, $50, or $70, but how cool would that be for your kids to have an online visit with Santa?

Santa of Color, Canva





Make a 2020 ornament.  While it’s not likely you’ll forget 2020, you might as well celebrate with a commemorative handmade ornament.

Friends ornament, Etsy


Have a virtual cocktail, virgin cocktail or hot chocolate party.  Dress up like you would if you were meeting in person, and have a great evening, or even just an hour with loved ones.

A virtual dinner may be a wee bit too much to tackle, so what about a Zoom, or Facetime toast, together?  Cheers, to persevering, distancing and doing the right thing, so that next year will be better!

If you’ve ever wanted to cook something different for Christmas dinner, but your family wouldn’t hear of it, now is your chance to try something new.

Have some Fun!

Play games.  Even if it’s just the two of you.  Old fashioned games like Monopoly or Twister are super fun.  My family’s new favourite game has become a tradition.  It’s called “Bowl of Fun” and OMG is it fun!  Even people who aren’t into games, can’t help but laugh so hard their sides hurt.  You can do it in age appropriate family friendly ways or as racy as you want.


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