March 1, 2024


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Well finally I'm back! And boy do I really need to talk about pleasure! I hope you feel pleasure seeing the new look of my website. We all need pleasure in our lives, and there are many different types of pleasure for you to enjoy. There is physical pleasure of…

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The Importance Of Stretching~ First of all, you might be asking yourself how stretching relates to being an independent woman. First of all, physical stretching is a huge part of good health, of self care and living an independent life. Age has nothing to do with it either. Regardless of…

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When I got the idea to write about being a discerning woman, I actually didn't realize and was surprised by the fact that everything I researched came up with religion as its basis. Hmm; I wondered why I couldn't find anything about discernment or being discerning that wasn't "from God".…

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It's SPRINGTIME! Spring is a season of renewal, freshness and a time for change. For most of us, winter is when we retreat indoors seeking comfort from the cold, and it can be a dark time both literally and figuratively. Now it's time for change! Spring holds the promise that…

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