April 21, 2024


We all get them. You get them. Those gut feelings, those little nudges that are trying to tell you something; do something, stop doing something, slow down, or to step the hell up and to act on that nudge; trust in yourself. When a thought pops in to your head, you should pay attention. I wrote about listening to your gut feeling in a post titled Decision Making~.  Sometimes your mind and your gut are telling you different things. Which one are you going to listen to, and why?

Do you know that your brain and your gut share neurotransmitters? When you get that gut-wrenching feeling, or those butterflies of excitement, it’s for a reason. You have to find a way to assess what that feeling is about. I firmly believe that you need to hone your skills and learn to listen to your gut. If not, why then, do you think you get those gut feelings?


Your thoughts are the first sign that something is tugging at you. When questions pop in to your mind, do you ponder the answers to those questions? Or do you dismiss them? I feel like signs are everwhere. Whether you believe those signs are coming from God, or from the universe, signs are everywhere, speaking to you and you need to pay attention.

Sometimes you may hear and even feel your calling, but it scares you. You think there’s no way you can do this. You want a guarantee, proof that if you did whatever it is your called to do, that it will be successful. Sorry. There are no guarantees. You need to have faith. Faith in yourself. You need to trust in yourself!

How Do You Trust Yourself?

Trusting yourself is scary. It’s also exciting! Ask yourself this; What are your core values? I ask because your core values are the basis of all your decisions, rather they should be. Think about it. What drives you? Your answers are the clues to what is important to you and what interests you. What do you enjoy? Do you favour excitement, fun and adventure? Or does simplicity and security mean more? Are you engergized by thinking about technology of the future? What pisses you off or frustrates you? Does it make you mad when you see people being taken advantage of? Do you feel more of a pull to advocate for those who can’t seem to get a fair shake?

When you are being nudged, it may not make much sense to you. Your thoughts may not make logical sense to you, but you have to realize that there is this battle, this tug of war between your brain and your gut. Your intellectual self tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t, why you can’t, but when you are faced with a decision, what if you tried to listen to that first instinct? What if your intuition is correct? I find it often is correct.

Listen To Reason

Should you push your intuition aside and try to listen to “reason”? When you’re trying to make a decision, you have to keep your core values in mind. What’s your purpose for what you’re trying to decide upon? Listen to your intuition! Are you being true to yourself, to your values? If you decide not to do something you’re being nudged about, are you just playing it safe out of fear?

Do you notice that you are being nudged about the same thing over and over again? Maybe life has a different plan for you, and you’re just avoiding what’s meant for you. Maybe you need to get out of your own way. What if the decision you’re avoiding is the decision that will change your life? Constantly listening to “reason” has its basis in reality, but if you constantly feel tugged in a different direction, I believe that is your gut, your intuition prompting you to move and to act in your own best interest.


Sometimes going through hard times, and having times of chaos is what eventually leads you to start listening to your intuition. You only have one life. You owe it to yourself to live it your way. This line from a poem by Rumi, makes you think; “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.”

How long are you going to ignore your nudges? How long will you ignore what’s in your heart and how wonderful your life can be?

What is calling you? Are you listening?

Thanks for reading. Check back next Sunday for a post about two women who learned to trust themselves.

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